Other Services

Intranet / Extranet Solutions

Intranets span the domains of information dissemination and management, collaboration, automation of processes and integration with legacy systems inside your organisation. Extranets extend the power of these applications to your business partners who are part of your extended enterprise.

Web applications that are accessed through Intranets and Extranets differ in complexity. Your Intranet may host a simple workflow automated travel requisition process; it may also host an enterprise-wide knowledge management system or link into your ERP system. Your Extranet may publish information to your business partners or it may even automate your supply chain. Regardless of the scope or complexity, our Intranet & Extranet solutions enable your employees, clients and business partners to share information in a completely secure online environment This helps you build internal efficiencies, makes your Organisation more competitive and adds to your bottom line.

Whatever your need, ITContractors can work with you to identify a ready-made solution if one exists or build it for you if it doesn't. We work with you to study your business needs and define solutions that bring you business benefits. Our solutions span the areas of publishing, collaboration, knowledge management and integration with legacy systems and extensions to business partners outside your enterprise.

Portal Development

Having built large specialised and general-purpose portals, ITContractors has built competencies and skills in leading platforms & technologies needed to build successful solutions in this space. ITContractors understands the time-to-market criticality in this space, and thus enable us to move rapidly on such projects.

Application Service Providers

Skyrocketing demand for anytime, anywhere information has made Internet-based outsourced applications and Application Service Providers not just a trend but a fact of doing business. ITContractors.com is building on one of the Largest ASP on Internet Accounting called as Jalia. Using the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) framework, and integrating technologies from Oracle (Oracle 81), IBM (Websphere) and Sun, ITContractors has architected and is building an extremely robust & scaleable ASP solution.