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The Open Source movement has revolutionised the way in which software is being developed and deployed. It can speed time-to-market and deliver substantially lower licensing and maintenance costs. While the advantages are real, it is important to ensure that proper safeguards are in place to address the unique challenges it presents – including licensing, integration, support, and system interdependencies.

ITCS helps you gain insights on Open Source, its workings, influence on existing infrastructure, and the processes that best leverage its advantages. Having worked on various Open Source technologies - researching, implementing, and contributing to the community – we have in-depth knowledge on how best to apply Open Source technologies for optimal benefits.

We work with you through a structured process of identifying the best available Open Source technologies to solve your specific business or technology challenges. We:

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Whether identifying technologies, moving towards open development, or participating in communities, we help you get the most out of your Open Source voyage. We:

Our Open Source contributions:

Jalia: Jalia is an accounting package for Linux. Jalia is modular, it comes with a variety of components, including nominal ledger, customer, invoicing, supplier and bank modules, and can track fixed assets, products, and VAT; it's able to process sales orders and purchase orders, and can generate a variety of accounting reports.

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